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CPTED for Managers of Retail and Convenience Stores (1-day program)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED (pronounced 'Sep-TED') is the most cost-effective way to reduce crime in shopping environments.

This 1-day practical training in CPTED for retail and convenience store managers is informative, practical and fun - the best way to learn.


1. CPTED is  the most cost-effective way for retail and convenience store managers to reduce crime and  anti-social behaviour and to reduce physical risks to themselves and their staff.

2. In many cases, the benefits of CPTED can be achieved at almost zero cost.

3. CPTED can be integrated into the shopping experience to improve profitability and sales.

4. Risks of litigation and financial liability are reduced when CPTED is used.

Who this program intended?

This course is primarily intended for shops and other businesses that deal directly with the public:

  • Retail managers
  • Convenience store managers
  • Post office managers
  • Managers of businesses that are open to the public

What is in the course?

The course comprises:

  • What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • CPTED methods to reduce crime
  • Crime Risk Assessment
  • 4 ways to use CCTV
  • Specifying CCTV
  • CPTED  for inside public-facing areas
  • CPTED in back office areas
  • CPTED of entrances
  • CPTED and parking spaces
  • CPTED and incoming goods
  • CPTED of till and money management areas
  • CPTED and secure staff/storage spaces
  • CPTED and managing confidential data
  • CPTED and high-theft items (CRAVED items)
  • CPTED and reducing repeat crime risks
  • CPTED and anti-social behaviours
  • CPTED for making your customers feel safe
  • Practical real world CPTED exercise (desktop and/or site)
  • Responding to Facebook (social media) posts


A Certificate of Attendance (with individual's name) is awarded to those who complete the course. This can be used to

Course Format

1-day course with refreshments and light lunch

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